Our company is a strong advocate for what we believe is a healthier, less-stressful, more sensible, environmentally-friendly lifestyle of home-based employment and we are proud proponents of family values.

We believe that children need and deserve a stable, loving environment in which to learn, grow and become who they will be,and that parents should be able to stay home to love and raise their children if they so choose. Schools and day care centers are wonderful. But they are no substitute for loving and supportive parental influence.
Our business practices are very consumer-friendly. As a good company in an industry that has, unfortunately, seen more than its share of bad reputations, we go out of our way to make sure that our company is operated with impeccable credibility. This includes accurate and honest advertising, (sometimes painfully honest advertising) and policies that are very fair and pleasing to most consumers. This includes clear and fairly administered QC policies, privacy policies, customer service standards, and open channels for communication so that we can be alerted if and when there is an opportunity for improvement. We hope we have acquired a reputation for absolute fairness and for administering our policies to the letter

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